internal dialogue

How much do you value the voice in your head?
And how does it affect you?

Have you ever actually listened into your internal dialogue, or have had conversations with yourself?  Maybe even arguments?  How often?  When do you choose to tune in, or tune out?  Or do you spend most time ZONED OUT and just “do”? Or do you spend too much time hearing the voices or thoughts and opinions of others instead of your own?

There’s certainly an art behind finding a balance between thinking and executing.   Switching gears between these two isn’t rigid like switching gears of a manual transmission.  It takes time.

Time set aside just to think–on its own–is highly undervalued!  Think about the last time you sat down for at least twenty minutes to brainstorm a solution to a problem, or think up something creative or innovative towards your craft.. and in SILENCE!  How about the last time you took 30 seconds to literally tell yourself that you CAN do or overcome (insert daunting task or life obstacle here)–I’m talking OUT LOUD tell yourself?  Try it.

Take a break from “doing” and spend some quality time with your internal dialogue.  You start to learn so much more about
-your ambitions
-your values
-your desires versus your actual needs
and so much more.

Then when it’s time to do whatever you’ve been thinking about:
do it damn well.


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