conscious | ˈkän(t)SHəs/ | adjective
aware of one’s existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

diligient | /ˈdiləjənt/ | adjective
constantly in effort to accomplish something; persistent in one’s work

Fitness is the opposite of illness. (What is Fitness, 2002)
This stuck with me because in my years prior to this weekend where I first heard this concept, I had lost a father, and two grandparents to  illness.  Nothing fills that void.

However, this is how my passion for pursuing fitness–personally, recreationally, and professionally–has allowed me to embrace the power of sharing knowledge, educating others and leading a healthy lifestyle for myself.

achieving fitness through consciousness and diligence

Before all else, we must be conscious.  In order to fulfill whatever purpose you believe you serve in this world–be present. Be AWARE of your self: well-being, actions, dreams.

THEN, we must be diligent.  You deserve to live your BEST life.  No, not everything will come easy; you’ll have to plan. strive. act. focus. work. reflect. adapt… sometimes over and over again.. and it needs to be done with diligence.